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Intervention Program for Women

What is the Intervention Program for Women?

The Intervention Program for Women is a community based program created to help women understand the violence in their lives – both the violence they are experiencing and the violence they are using and informed actions they can take to end both. The group process provides structured ways to examine and come to terms with the context, scope, and meaning of violence in each group member’s daily life.

What are the Objectives of the IPW Group?

  • To help women step back from the immediacy of their situations to see the bigger picture. When women understand all the forces operating in their lives (e.g., economic, emotional, age, religious, cultural, peer pressure), they can chart a plan of action to reduce their use of violence and the violence being used against them.
  • To challenge mystical thinking- thinking based on ideas we believe are true but in fact are someone else’s concept of reality.
  • To facilitate dialogue leading participants to seek an explanation of what it is they are going through and what they might do to shape a future free of abuse, coercion, and violence- both their own violence and the violence being used against them.

What is Covered in the Group Sessions?

In order to achieve the above ojectives the groups sessions are organized around a variety of common themes found in women’s lives. The  group sessions focus on understanding domestic violence: what is is and what it is not, the kinds of violence common in families, and the characteristics of the three basic forms of domestic violence – coercive controlling domestic violence, resistive violence, and non-battering violence.

How Do I Start the IPW Groups?

To enter the program you should contact a IPW facilitator to arrange an orientation meeting. During the orientation you will have an opportunity to share your perspective on what your understanding is of why you have been ordered to attend the group. It will also be an opportunity for you to get answers to questions you have about the group.

 Is There a Fee to Attend the Group?

Yes, there is a required fee for all participants for each of the sessions. The cost is determined on a sliding-fee scale.

How are Women Referred to the IPW?

Women are referred though criminal convictions, orders for protection, child protection, and voluntary self referrals.

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