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Intervention Program for Men and Fathers

Intervention Program for Men and Fathers

What is the Intervention Program for Men and Fathers?

The Intervention Program for Men and Fathers (IPMF) is a community based program created for intervention in cases involving domestic violence. The program is made up of twenty eight group sessions which examine men’s use of violence and the impact the violence has on themselves, their partners, and their children.  The group process provides men an opportunity to critically examine their actions, reflect on possible changes, and take informed actions to live a life free from violence.   The primary goal of the intervention is to stop the violence.  The IPMF believes that given the right opportunity and willingness men can and will change. For most people, changing a behavior is a worthwhile, life-long process. In some instances men can require further intervention than what the IPMF is able to offer.

What are the Objectives of the IPMF Groups?

The groups are designed to help men stop their violence by achieving six objectives

  • To help the group member understand how his abuse stems from beliefs of entitlement which support his control of his partner’s actions, thoughts, and feelings.
  • To  increase the group member’s understanding of the causes of his violence by examining the cultural and social context in which he uses violence against his partner.
  • To increase the group member’s willingness to change his actions by examining the negative effects of his behavior on his relationship, his partner, his children, his friends, and himself.
  • To encourage the group member to become accountable to those he has hurt through his use of violence by helping him to acknowledge his abuse, accept responsibility for its impact on his partner and others, and take specific steps to change.
  • To increase the group member’s understanting and willingness to change by exploring actions, intents, and beliefs that support equality of a woman.
  • To provide the opportunity for a man to find love, trust, and commitment in relationships with women and children by learning new ways of being in a relationship.

What is Covered in the Group Sessions?

To achieve the above objectives, the groups are organized aroun the ten themes found on the Equality Wheen and its corresponding Power and Control Wheel: Nonviolence; Nonthreatening Behavior; Respect; Trust and Support; Honesty and Accountability; Responsible Parenting; Shared Responsibility; Economic Partnership; Sexual Respect; and Negotiation and Fairness. The behaviors and aspects of an egalitarian relationship shown on the Equality Whell become the model offered to participants for egalitarian and interdependent relationships with women. The Power and Control Wheel depicts the primary tactics and behaviors individuals use to establish and maintain control in their relationships.



The Fathering Portion of the IPMF will Examine the Following:

  • The men’s experience with their own father.
  • The impact the men’s use of violence has on their children.
  • Becoming a more nuturing father or father figure.
  • Becoming a more suportive, non-abusive parenting partner.

How Do I Start the IPMF Groups?

To enter the program you must contact the IPMF faciliator in a timely manner and arrange for an orientation. During the orientation you will be given an opportunity to share your perspective on the experiences that led you to the IPMF. You will be able to ask questions and receive logistical information about the groups during the orientation.

Is there a Fee to Attend the Group?

Yes, there is a required fee for all participants for each of the twenty-eight sessions. The cost is determined on a sliding-fee scale.

How are Men Referred to the IPMF?

Men are referred through criminal convictions, orders for protection, child protection, and voluntary self referrals.


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